four inspiring dreambox setups and how to recreate them
, Ashley Puriri

If you're reading this, you are likely looking for a solution to a messy (or nonexistent) creative space and wondering if the DreamBox is right for you. 

You may already know that the DreamBox is not one size fits all. With adjustable shelving, compliment products and over a dozen accessories to choose from, it is extremely customizable to fit your personal crafting style and needs.  To demonstrate this, we asked four creators to share the details of their inspiring DreamBox, along with everything they included in the setup. Enjoy! 


1. Jiselle's vibrant art studio

Main craft type: Painting & Sewing

Furniture in this setup 

Complete the look 

Jiselle's recommendations 

"My recommendations for creating your dream craft space is putting similar items together. I like to separate my different types of paint and fabric based on medium/ texture. Also, if you have small children, baby proof the bottom of the DreamBox and table. I added a corner protector to the table so my baby does not bump her head on the corner. If the DreamBox is on carpet, you can use the lid of the wooden crate where the DreamBox came in and place it on the ground under it so that the box can open and close smoothly."


2. Nicole's pretty pastel craft room 

Main craft type: Party decorations, seasonal decorations, scrapbooking

Complete the look 

Nicole's recommendations 

"The Paper Organizer and Tool Cubby are a must! What I love most about my DreamBox and DreamCart are how easy it is to keep even the smallest craft supplies organized so you always know exactly what you have (and can find it)! I am also so happy I added the DreamCart because it's so functional and easy to move around! It gives me the option to add more table space quickly when needed but I can also keep it folded up when I don't to free up space in the room!" 


3. Tina's tropical inspired craft corner 

Main craft type: Paper crafting and business (Close To My Heart)

Complete the look 

Tina's recommendations 

"Buy everything you can afford with Create Room, you won’t be disappointed. I love all my furniture- The desk, the dream box, the sewing station and the dream cart. Decorate it with things that you love, make you happy and most of all smile. Purge and get rid of all unnecessary clutter or things you don’t use. You will feel so much better being surrounded by things you love!!!!"


4. Jessica's boho creative haven    

Main craft type: Crochet designer @the.hook.nook

Complete the look 

Jessica's recommendations 

"A creative space should be treated as a personal oasis and filled with colors, textures and decor that enhances the creative inspiration and experience. Whether you fill your shelves and jars with similar items as mine, or different things, your creative space should be a designated space for you to explore and showcase the intimately creative details that bring you to life. Go ahead, make your dream space come true. <3"


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