how to increase creativity with your create room planner

how to increase creativity with your create room planner

Creativity doesn’t always come to us as naturally and frequently as we would like. So really, it’s down to each of us to choose just how much effort and dedication we place into expressing ourselves. With the Create Room Planner, you can build a creative vision for yourself by setting goals, carrying out projects and getting your life organized. Not only is it a planner for tracking your daily schedule, it is also a journal that allows you to reflect on the little moments, the setbacks, as well as all your big wins. To give you the complete creative experience, we’ve designed this planner so you can increase creativity and record every part of your life all in one place.

Curious how the Planner can help you foster creativity and growth? Here’s a few steps to guide you through the process:


Step 1: Start with a vision


Create your vision. It’s as simple as that. By starting with a vision, you can reflect on why you enjoy creating and how it brings value to your life. This section will help you to center your personal life around the intentions that drive you to create—joy, calm, connection, energy, growth, expression, and renewal. It is important to keep these in the forefront of your mind by recording and saving all the things that inspire you throughout your day.



We each find inspiration in our own unique way, whether that includes the vivid colors from an art gallery you recently visited, or a family story from your childhood that ignites nostalgia and excitement. Regardless of what comes to mind, remember to keep track of these moments and record them in the Vision section of your planner. This will help you create a space for your vision that you can use as a source for motivation and inspiration in each of your goals.


Step 2: Determine your goals


In your planner, we’ve added a special section for creating goals (pictured below) that will help you fulfill your vision. To set a goal, you should first ask yourself what you would like to achieve, and why. It may help to think of your life as a work in progress. If you hope to renew your creative passion or increase productivity throughout your daily schedule, these are both great examples of achievable goals that you can set for yourself.



Once you have set your goal, try narrowing down the scope of it to make it more achievable on a realistic timeline. Instead of just trying to learn new crafting skills, why not be specific? Perhaps you would like to learn how you can weave a new pattern or crochet a sweater. These are both exact details that give your goal a clear direction. Choose to learn one new crafting skill at a time instead of overloading your schedule with uncertain goals.


Step 3: Outline your projects


In order to succeed, you’ll need an action plan! Once you’ve determined your schedule for the week, start breaking down your goals into smaller, more manageable tasks. You can accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list by logging them in the Projects section of your planner to help you be more mindful of your day.



Whether it's looking online for inspiration or grabbing new supplies for your craft project, doing these small tasks will allow you to check off each item from your list one by one. This will give you one less thing to worry about, knowing that your to-do list is growing shorter and shorter while your project nears its completion.


Step 4: Reflect on the moments


As you record each of your goals and projects, it is important to reflect on all of the moments along the way. In the Moments section, set apart a time where you can celebrate the most meaningful parts of your day and the memories that have shaped your life. 



During your reflection, also remember to place an emphasis on what you are most grateful for. Expressing gratitude every day helps to combat negative feelings and will instead make more room for positivity and joy in your life. This will further encourage you to connect with yourself as well as the people around you!



As you go about your daily and weekly routines, the Planner will gradually help you elevate your lifestyle by keeping you mindful of your vision and the goals you have set for yourself. This will enable you to focus on your creative intentions and create room for what matters most.


Which goals and projects are you most excited to put in your planner? 

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