Born To Create Artwork by Lynn Giunta

Born To Create Artwork by Lynn Giunta

We love having artist Lynn Giunta as a member of the Create Room community. She designs beautiful paper collages with inspiring colors and phrases. Like so many of us, she loves to create because it fills her with joy. Lynn created this artwork using a phrase from the Create Room Manifesto. We hope it resonates with you and inspires you along your creative journey. 

This exclusive print comes free with all DreamBox 2 orders! 


"Every time I sit down to make something I am trying to recapture those moments of pure happiness that I had when I was a kid, sitting at the kitchen table, creating crafts with my family. When it happens it's like magic, and who doesn't need more of that in their life?" -Lynn Giunta



Lynn uses the Create Room Cubby to keep her supplies organized and readily accessible. In fact, she loves hers so much that she now has two of them!


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