Organizing On A Budget: Is The DreamBox Worth The Cost?

Organizing On A Budget: Is The DreamBox Worth The Cost?

The joy of crafting can be overshadowed by the chaos in a cluttered craft room, which often leads to various setbacks, such as not having enough space to work or double-buying supplies by accident. This is where the DreamBox comes in, a new take on crafting organization that allows you to create, organize, and store all in one cohesive space! Wondering if the price of the DreamBox is justified? Read below for advice on ways to save up for the DreamBox and hear from crafters just like you on why this creative haven is worth it.


The Double-Buying Dilemma

Raise your hand if you've ever bought the same crafting supplies twice on accident. It's a common struggle! The DreamBox can help save you from double-buying while giving you just the right amount of space for your current supplies.

“I had bags and boxes ALL over my house! I feared I would spend all the money on the DreamBox and be just as disorganized. But IT WORKED. I was able to fit all my stuff in the Box and have a couple of shelves in a closet for my massive stamps and paper collections. It caused me to purge some unnecessary things. With it all organized, I now know what I have and have stopped spending on new things.” – Janice Z.

Creator club member Naya J. stands in front of her DreamBox 1.

“I love mine. I didn’t have any kind of storage before the DreamBox and I was searching through boxes in my closet whenever I wanted to make something. I’m more organized now, and I buy less because I can see what I have a lot of and know that I don’t need more. It has also given me more time to craft with everything being so close and easily accessible.” – Naya J.


Renee H. sits at the DreamBox 1. Her setup also features the Crown Light, Side Tables, and Sew Station.


“I can honestly tell you that the DreamBox has totally helped me with my organization and not duplicating purchases because I know what I have on hand. There are still days that my room gets a little cluttered but that’s because I’m working on projects… but at the end of the day everything has a place and there is a place for everything! I also have the Cubby and the Sew Station. Honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made and would do it a thousand times again!” – Renee H.


Chanelle M.’s DreamBox setup includes accessories like the Crown Light, Cutting Mat, and Paper Organizers!


“I can honestly say it's the best investment. It forced me to purge anything I didn't use. And now I have a place for everything instead of in mountains and piles of boxes. The DreamBox really helps create a beautiful, motivating environment to craft, sew, and create. Definitely money well spent!” – Chanelle M.


How Creators Saved Up For The DreamBox

Purchasing your DreamBox might take a bit of saving, depending on your budget, but the reward lasts for a lifetime. Picture this – you're saving up, and each dollar you set aside brings you a step closer to your organized haven. Creators in our community recommend putting aside a bit of money every month or tweaking your crafting budget a tad to cut back on new supplies. It's like giving yourself little creative gifts as you go. The journey to owning a DreamBox becomes this exciting adventure, and as many of our creators say, it's worth the wait.

“Here’s what I did and it took a while. I gave myself a cash allowance every month and what I didn’t spend, I set aside for this. I also used my credit card's cash-back rewards. (If you are excellent at paying your card off each month, [I put everything on it i.e. gas, groceries, insurance] this adds up fast, if you can’t pay your card off each month, then don’t use it.)” – Anita H.

Many creators like Aimee sell old furniture or craft projects to gradually save up for their DreamBoxes:

“I saved for a year. I live on a tight budget and I have a 2-year-old grandbaby who I like to buy things for, but I saved money from selling my craft room storage stuff and my chicken’s eggs. I sold all of the IKEA/Michaels stuff I had in my room. I used that money (it covered about half) and financed the rest.” – Aimee F.


DreamBox Financing Options

For our customers in the United States, we work with Bread Pay™ to provide a range of financing options. You can spread out the cost of your DreamBox (and any side furniture) in smaller payments over time, making this organizational setup more attainable without compromising your budget. Crafting happiness doesn't have to break the bank!

“I used the 0% interest plan they offered with one of the specials, otherwise, I would have had a hard time affording it. I had to wait almost 15 years to get mine!! So happy I have it now. As much as I hated to wait, it was worth it!!!” – Kimberley P.

Did you know you can combine Bread Pay™ financing plans with our sale discounts to make it even more affordable? Subscribe to our VIP text group for sale alerts and exclusive offers on the DreamBox! If you want to learn more about Bread Pay, check out the FAQs at the bottom of our financing page or click “Low Monthly Payments” to see all available plans.


As many of our creators have said themselves, the DreamBox isn't just an organizer; it's an investment in a happier, more fulfilling creative journey. If you're passionate about crafting and you want to learn more about how the DreamBox could work for you, chat online with one of our Creator Consultants for more info!




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