Meet The New Tool Cubby Organizer

Meet The New Tool Cubby Organizer

With the recent launch of the DreamBox 2 comes exciting new improvements to one of our most popular accessories, the Tool Cubby! We’ve upgraded this compact organizer to give you 10% more storage space, so you can enjoy even more functionality and efficiency. The New Tool Cubby will help ensure that your workspace stays tidy and conducive for creativity. Keep reading to learn more and see what our creators have to say.


The New Tool Cubby is larger than the original, opening up a whole new range of possibilities both creative and functional. Creators can now utilize more storage space inside, creating room for more of what they love.

“I love my New Tool Cubby and I’m so happy that Create Room made a new version to fit the Dreambox 2 perfectly. Sometimes, I think collecting pens is as fun as using them so I have a lot! I love being able to make my favorite ones super accessible. I also like to store a few random tools like my craft knife - it’s out of reach of my little kids but right there when I need it!” - Rachel Timmerman, Analytical Mommy

Creator Rachel Timmerman (@analyticalmommy) uses the New Tool Cubby at her workspace in the DreamBox 2.

When designing the features of the New Tool Cubby, we wanted to make certain all our creators could enjoy it, regardless of their furniture setup. See below how this desktop organizer fits anywhere, including the DreamBox 1, DreamBox 2, and other Create Room furniture.


DreamBox 2

In the DreamBox 2, the New Tool Cubby is designed specifically to fit vertically inside the middle section of the Center Box for the most ideal workflow. (It can be stored horizontally in the Large Tote sections or the Side Box too!)

The New Tool Cubby is designed to fit perfectly within the center section of the Center Box and in the Side Boxes.

DreamBox 1

Regarding the DreamBox 1, The New Tool Cubby still fits perfectly inside the left or right-hand sections of the Center Box. You can place it horizontally or vertically in the Large Tote sections.

Creator Karen Fitzgibbons stores mini bolts in her New Tool Cubby vertically using the center Large Tote section of her DreamBox 1. She fills the extra space on the side with larger fabric, as seen below:

Creator Karen Fitzgibbons (@kfitzy5) uses the New Tool Cubby to store fabric vertically in the Large Tote section of her DreamBox 1.


TableTop + Other Create Room Furniture

The New Tool Cubby is designed to seamlessly fit in the DreamBox 2 or rest comfortably on tabletops. This means that whether you're working in a cozy corner of your home, office, or dedicated craft space, this organizer can easily be moved back and forth.

The New Tool Cubby can sit in the DreamBox underneath the center shelves, or on the table as you work.

When needed, creators like Karen can also move their Tool Cubby to the table of their Sew Station, DreamCart, or Cubby for easy access.

“I love that the inside can be custom configured and that it can be moved to wherever I am creating. It’s very easy to keep it horizontal or vertical which gives us lots of options on where to store it!” - Karen Fitzgibbons

Karen Fitzgibbons moves her New Tool Cubby to the table of her Sew Station for easy access.

In addition to bigger storage and more customization options, the New Tool Cubby also allows you to organize important tools front and center. Now that your tools are thoughtfully organized and easily within reach, you're more likely to find inspiration for new projects striking when you least expect it.

Creator Karen Martinez (mammabearsays) grabs a marker from her New Tool Cubby in the DreamBox 2.

 “The new Tool Cubby was the thing I did not know I needed. It was super easy to assemble and now I can visually see the colors I have available to help me draft up a new project. I am certain that as my needs change, I will be able to change the tools inside to fit them." - Karen Martinez, Mommabearsays

Customizable Dividers

Whether you're a calligraphy enthusiast looking to neatly organize your pens and markers, a sewist needing sections for mini bolts, or a painter seeking a spot for your brushes, this newly improved organizer will take care of it! Simply rearrange your dividers to suit your supplies in whichever way works best for you.

Creator Stacey Gillespie (@staceycarrgillespie) stores fabric, pens, and other essential sewing supplies in her Tool Cubby.


With your tools neatly organized and easily accessible, you can now spend less time searching and more time creating. The Tool Cubby helps empower you to focus on what truly matters – your art! Click our link below to explore all the new features.


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