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Wallpaper Set

Customize your DreamBox and inspire your next project

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Our beautiful self adhesive, canvas cloth wallpaper is custom sized to fit in your DreamBox. Add a touch of personality to your creative haven without the fuss!

Designed specifically for the DreamBox swing doors (inside or outside) and center section behind the table. Wallpaper can be applied to other areas of the DreamBox or another clean, flat surface. Not recommended for textured walls. Center piece is NOT sized to fit new DreamBox 2.

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  • Peel and stick adhesive
  • Beautiful woven canvas with matte finish
  • Easy to remove and swap styles
  • Formaldehyde, phthalate, and PVC free
  • Waterproof

If Wallpaper is applied over the White Magnetic Board accessory, metal dies will still hold strong through the material (see image below), but a residue will be left upon wallpaper removal. Testing, before full application, is recommended. NOT sized for new DreamBox 2 Center Box.

Measurements & Weight
Swing Door Wallpapersssss
65 x 17 inches
Workspace Wallpaper
15 x 35 inches
Swing Door Wallpaper
Workspace Wallpaper

Assembly Required (15-20 Minutes)

DreamBox 1
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