Back-To-School Organization: 4 simple ways to master your space

Back-To-School Organization: 4 simple ways to master your space

Every school year is a milestone with new routines to navigate, homework to tackle, and projects to rush before the kids get home. Whether you’re a parent with kids in school or you’re just trying to manage all the mess, keeping your space organized is an essential method to simplifying your new routine and adjusting smoothly into the fall! Here are a few ways you can create an organized, consistent space to fit seamlessly into your new routine:


1. Create a DIY study zone for kids

If the kids are back in the classroom or doing homeschool, you’re likely repurposing your home to accommodate new homework sessions and piles of school supplies. The good news is, your kids won’t need to do homework on the dinner table this year! With the DreamBox craft station, you can designate a study zone for your kids in a calmer, more consistent environment with all their supplies easily in reach.

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Setting up a zone inside the DreamBox

One key way to help your kids have a stress-free homework session is to give them an easily accessible workflow. Color-coordinating your InView Totes can help your children easily identify where their supplies are without overwhelming them.


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If they often have a hard time keeping track of homework, the Paper Organizer or the 8 Shallow InView Totes are a great way to ensure important assignments don’t get lost around the house.

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We’ve seen quite a few moms upgrade their DreamBoxes by hanging up bulletin boards and DIY homework charts to keep their coursework organized. The swinging doors can easily store chore charts, morning checklists, and homework schedules for the kids all in one place. If you need a blank space to jot down your routine, the White Magnetic Board doubles as a dry-erase board for all your notes!


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Setting up a homework station with the DreamCart

Despite what you might often see online, you don’t have to dedicate an entire room to your homeschooling area. If you’re limited on space, the DreamCart is a pop-up mobile cart that saves precious floor space and gives your room more flexibility. With this small homework station and table, you can easily make it unique to your child’s needs.

Photo from Happiness is Homemade

Working separately from the noise and the clutter of the rest of the home is a great way to help your child get their work done without distractions. If they need close supervision, you can easily roll the DreamCart to a space where you and your child can work alongside each other, whether that’s the living room, the kitchen, or even your craft room! When not in use, simply roll the cart to the corner until it’s needed again.


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“This year as we shopped for back-to-school supplies, I also took the opportunity to restock my DreamCart dedicated to school and office supplies! This is the table the kids often sit at when doing homework, where they go to look for things when they have school projects, and where everyone knows to go when looking for things like graph paper, paper clips, staplers and more! Having a dedicated storage space that's also a table on wheels is a real game changer for our family of 5 living in a small space!" –Rachel Timmerman (Analytical Mommy)


2. Organize homework, art supplies & daily routines

Organizing homework can be challenging after a busy day for the family. When navigating the ups and downs, it’s essential to have an adaptable space that can be modified to match your family’s changing needs from day to day. The Cubby allows you to designate a space on each shelf for your child’s weekly coursework and supplies. Use the InView Totes or DiviDrawers to create a DIY homework box by filling it with glue sticks, rulers, notebooks, highlighters, and whatever else your child needs to finish their assignments.

The InView Tote Lids can help protect your child's homework boxes so they can take them on the go as needed!


If you seek an art supply organizer or a place for your kids to get creative, you can create a craft supply station using the DreamBox, the DreamCart, or even the Cubby. Watch how Mammabear Says designed a space for her daughters to do schoolwork and create all in one space:


It’s important to encourage spontaneous creativity…. Risk free. No mess, no fuss. With the Cubby, you can easily incorporate art into the homeschool routine by having a designated messy zone with supplies easily in reach. The Cubby also allows you to store educational activities like flash cards, read-alouds, workbooks, coloring books, educational games, manipulatives, and more!



3. Create a space for YOU to recharge

In the midst of the busy schedule, it's often difficult to carve out time for your own rest and relaxation. If creating is an important process for you and you need a safe space away from all the chaos of school season, the DreamBox is the perfect hideaway craft station that you can easily set up and tuck away when not in use.

“I create in my DreamBox to have a safe space for myself and a place to go when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life. I can go create something and I feel so much better and I think being a mom now, it’s super important for me to have something for myself, because everything has become for my family which I love more than anything. In parenthood, you sometimes forget about yourself because you love your family so much, so for me it has shifted so much being a mother and I value that time that I have creating.”



If you need a space to expand your projects and lay out all your supplies as you work, the Side Tables are the perfect companion. For Desiree, having the Crown with Light attached to her DreamBox is essential during all her late night crafting sessions:

“I love having the overhead Crown with Light and I feel like it makes everything super well lit for me, especially when I’m working late at night. I’m able to turn my Crown on and see everything super clearly. When I’m working with beads especially, they’re so small and you just want to be able to see everything nice and clearly.”



4. Make a space to connect with the whole family

Sometimes, kids need a little extra support and encouragement from their family members to get creative with their schoolwork. If it’s grandma’s turn to watch the kids or she wants to teach them a new skill, the DreamBox is the perfect stage for helping the grandkids get creative!

Passing down a trade or a skill is a great way to connect with your family members and teach grandkids to enjoy crafting. The Sew Station gives plenty of room for grandparents, moms, and the kids to craft together. The fold-out table and electric lifter make it easier for both grandma and the kids to set up the sewing machine and get right to work!

As you venture into this new school year, remember to take a moment and explore the things you love most. The DreamBox is a place for you to learn new hobbies, set new goals, focus on important tasks, and most importantly, connect with your creative self!


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