creating room for renewal

creating room for renewal

Through years of working closely with creators, we've discovered seven distinct reasons why we are driven to create—joy, calm, connectionenergy, growth, expression, and renewal. We call these the creative intentions. 


Step one of the Create Room Journey can help you identify your core creative intention, but you will likely crave to fulfill each of the creative intentions at different times, depending on what you feel you need.

To help us each learn how to be more intentional in our creative activities, we invite you to join us each month as we focus on a specific creative intention. Subscribe to our email list in order to be notified of the intention of the month! 



Create Room For Renewal: Join our monthly intention challenge!

This month our community is focused on finding renewal. Take a moment to think. What kinds of activities help you feel renewed and refreshed? Maybe drawing, organizing your craft space, spending time in nature, knitting, or journaling. We invite you to give yourself a fresh start by participating in our Create Room community challenge below!


Unwind with our Renewal Playlist: Take the time to unwind and recharge your creativity by listening to our Renewal Playlist on Spotify with hand-picked songs from creators in our community! 

Add our monthly intention to your phone: Scroll down to the end of this blog to download our free Renewal wallpapers and Pretty Print. These daily reminders on your screen will help you be mindful of your goals to renew and rejuvenate your creative mindset.

Set aside 10 minutes to clean your space: Routinely set aside a few minutes each day to tidy up your crafting space, ensuring it stays organized. If you're short on time, prioritize the space you will most likely need to use for your creative project the day of. We'd love to see before and after pics of your space!

Create a nature journal for your walks: When you go on walks in nature, record the moments that stand out the most. Experiment writing prose, create collages, or sketch moments from your walk that stand out the most to you. You can use this journal as a source of inspiration for your creative projects.

Dedicate 1 area of your creative space to a specific craft:  Create a specific zone for your most important creative activity, such as sewing, painting, or jewelry-making, with a dedicated storage space of its own. Take inspiration from Step 4 in our Create Room Journey guide!

Create a card with pressed flowers: Flowers each have a special meaning of their own. Choose a flower that resonates with you and create a card using pressed flowers to send to a loved one or a friend. (Sketches or collages count too!)

Plan out monthly crafting schedule: Develop a craft schedule or set specific creative goals for the month to stay focused and organized. Use our Create Room Planner to keep track of weekly and monthly goals and plan out individual projects.


Renewal Sources


Set Renewal as your intention and craft alongside our aromatic essential oils. Use Renewal or any of the other six intention oils.



Our team asked creators in our community to handpick some songs that help them feel renewed and refreshed. Turn on this playlist while you create this month to enhance feelings of rejuvenation!



Hang our Pretty Prints in your DreamBox or display on your wall. Click on the images below to download your Renewal prints.



We're all busy and it's easy to forget. Download one of our phone wallpapers and set it as your home or lock screen as a consistent reminder of your commitment to find renewal this month! 

For most regular sized screens, download our smaller wallpaper below. (If you own a larger phone, keep scrolling down further for our specially-sized wallpapers.)




For larger sized phones, download our special sized wallpaper here:





Join our Renewal Intention Challenge on Facebook or leave a comment below to show us how you create room for renewal!

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