New Cricut Explore Air 2: Tips and Features

New Cricut Explore Air 2: Tips and Features

Everyone is excited for the new Cricut Explore Air 2 but what is all the hype about? Let's explore the latest features of this beloved cutting tool!


Wireless Connection

  • The Cricut Explore Air 2 comes with built-in Bluetooth for an easy wireless connection to your computer! Say goodbye to annoying cords. 

  • Don't have a computer near by? With the wireless connection your Cricut will connect straight to your phone using the Cricut App for both Android and iPhone products. 

Pen Designs

  • This feature is for all you crafter's gifted with the handwriting of a monkey. With the new pen attachment the Cricut will create beautiful fonts, designs and drawings directly onto your project.

  • Want to use multiple colors? During the designing process just select the different colors you want and as the machine works its magic you will be prompted to change the pens when it's time to switch.

  • Try swapping out the pens for the Score Stylus and add depth and dimension to your artwork. 

Fast Mode

  • Not sure which setting to use? Select the type of material, cut and design you want on your computer and the program will choose the best style setting for your project.

 Some Simple Tips

  • To keep your Cricut machine working like new, even after thousands of projects, wash the cutting mat frequently. You can use soapy water or check out the video below for more help.

  • We love our washi tape so why not use it to hold your project in place. If the mat is losing it's stickiness and you are "in the zone" and don't have time to wash and re-stick your mat, tape down your craft with either washi tape or painters tape.  

  • Don't pull your hair out if the design doesn't work the first time. It will take some time, a few test runs, and maybe some trial and error to get a feel for your new machine. Use scrap materials to test your design at first so that on the real project you will get the perfect look every time. 

One of the best features we have to mention, is the Cricut Air 2 will fit perfectly in our products and nestles nicely in the WorkBox 3.0.


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By Brianna Davis 

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