Customer Furniture Feature

Customer Furniture Feature

We loved meeting Holly and seeing how ScrapBox furniture has helped her stay organized and accomplish more. Her setup demonstrates something that we firmly believe: Large space? Small space? It doesn't matter! The WorkBox truly is a craft room in a closet! 

Moving from a Craft Room to a Basement Nook 

Holly moved her WorkBox across the country last year. They downsized from a 4,300 square foot home to a 1,700 square foot loft. 

"I went from having a room dedicated to crafting, to a wall under the stair case in our loft. I didn’t truly appreciate my WorkBox or EZ View Desk until I set this space up. Before, if I had a project in progress I could just leave everything out in the open and simply shut the door. Because my craft room was carpeted, I seldom closed my WorkBox. It was usually wide open with the table up. Now I fully utilize the ability to close everything up and hide my projects away when we have guests. The space that I craft in doubles as our guest room as well as my husband’s office and a second living room."

Shortly after the move she upgraded her WorkBox 2.0 with clear totesdoor upgrade kit and ScrapMaBox accessory. She also used Cricut Design Studio to create cut files for each of her totes, so she could add decorative paper to the fronts of them. You can access these files HERE

"I love all of the upgrades. With less space, the totes and insert created more options. The insert allowed me to move all of my paint and glitter into the doors for easy access. The soft totes were deeper and what I really needed was more totes that held less. So this was a perfect solution. Plus when I pull them out to take over to my desk they are obviously much sturdier and I never run the risk of things falling out. And of course the ScrapMabox helps with organization. I actually have some lesser used items tucked into a second one, behind my pens!"

"Both pieces held up extremely well in the move. I did take the crown and both doors off the workbox. I did not remove any of the casters. The movers wrapped each piece with heavy duty plastic wrap to keep pieces from opening during the move. I also dismantled the desk, removed the pull out shelf and then took it down to five pieces. The top, each extender and the two base pieces. Again, this traveled well. I had both the desk and the workbox back together in about 30 minutes. Re-loading all my supplies was a different story. I will be forever grateful that the movers carried it down the stairs, both in our old and new place!"

"One of the things I love about their products is the high quality as well as the top notch customer service.  If you ever have any concerns with anything you purchase, just reach out to their customer service team.  They are super friendly and very quick to respond."

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