Customer Photos and Reviews

Customer Photos and Reviews

Her HobbyBox 

A spacious, mobile workstation that makes working on any project more fun! Her HobbyBox comes standard with a Daylight LED light, 22 of our Clear Acrylic Totes, and 7 clear zipper pouches! 

I love my HobbyBox!! The best purchase ever! The directions were clear on how long it takes to put it together, but it's so worth it! I love how it cleans easily and is very nice quality. I was able to organize all my supplies and still have room. The light is bright and easy to work under. The storage area under the table is bigger than I expected. My favorite part is the clear bins. You can see everything which makes things easier to locate. The only negative thing is I wished I would have ordered it sooner. I feel much more organized now.

- Christi S. 11/01/17

"I just helped my mom get Her HobbyBox loaded. It was so much fun!" 

- Jennifer L. 1/15/17 (Photo Above)

Photo by Lisa Pullano

I just assembled my Her Hobby Box, and I couldn't love it more! I was able to fit all of my supplies in it and still have room for more. The work table is spacious and cleans easily. I love the divided containers and having the option of using the dividers in them. It is great to be able to see all of my supplies and have them at my fingertips. The assembly is not that looks more intimidating than it is. The instructions are very clear and as long as you follow them in order and lay out all of the pieces before hand, you should have no trouble. You will definitely need two people for some of the assembly, but i handled most of it on my own. It will take several hours to complete, but is worth it. The quality of the product is outstanding. It is very sturdy and a nice piece of furniture. I am so happy to have this place to scrapbook!

- Suzy B. 11/01/17

Organizing and labeling the Her HobbyBox. This is so much crafty fun. I work in my bedroom and the organization is perfect for me.

- Keshela W. 1/24/17 (Photo Above)

'Her HobbyBox' surpassed my expectations, very easy to keep your papers organized - finally! I am very pleased with my purchase and I would recommend it to a friend. Thank you.

- Irinel P. 11/01/17

Got my HobbyBox last April! Love it so much and after one of the [Facebook] posts I took the inspiration to decorate the bins! I love it!!

- Ami T. 1/19/17 (Photo Above)

My husband surprised me and ordered Her HobbyBox. It shipped and was delivered so fast!! We were blown away! I have never received anything as well packaged as this was. Got it put together which was pretty easy with how the instructions were written! I tore into putting things into the bins. I was surprised at how much this piece of furniture holds. Like tons! Can't wait to get more pieces to go with it! I was missing a couple of the shelf holders for the bigger shelves on the bottom. I called and they were put in Priority mail. Great company to do business with...the lighting is nice and bright. Just love all of it!

Linda V. 11/01/17



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