Introducing: The Complete Guide to Your DreamBox Organization

Introducing: The Complete Guide to Your DreamBox Organization

So you’ve got your new DreamBox, or maybe you’re waiting for it to arrive. Congratulations! You may be likely facing the dilemma of where to start. How should you set up your totes and shelves? What style should you give it? And what is the best way to store all your favorite notions, fabrics, and beads? It’s really a lot to think about. This guide will help you achieve success and get the most out of your DreamBox.

Let's get started! 

1. Review Your Craft Supplies

As the first step, we recommend retrieving the tools and materials you’ve stashed in the various rooms of your home—the totes in the laundry room, the bins in the spare bedroom, and surplus in the garage. 

With everything spread out and visible, group the individual items into larger categories by craft activity. For example, kids crafts, sewing, painting, home DIY, etc. Then further sort each craft activity pile by supply type.

Determine what stays and what goes 

Go through each craft activity pile and decide which tools and materials you will keep, throw away or donate. You will likely uncover duplicates. Take consideration as to how frequently you actually use the materials and be honest with yourself. Step 4 of the Create Room Journey has some worksheets that can help with this process. Download the PDF here.  


2. Plan Your DreamBox Layout

Now that you have a clear understanding of the supplies you want to organize, it's time to design your DreamBox layout. You can download the PDF below. Be sure to read through the following tips as you get started: 

  • Designate zones for specific craft types. 
  • Keep the areas in closest reach reserved for your most used tools and supplies.
  • Save space at eye level, front and center, for things you love to look at; your inspiration.
  • Put the things you need less frequent access to below the table.
  • If you have kids or grandkids, reserve the higher areas for materials you want out of their reach.

Need some inspiration? Here is a blog post filled with DreamBox layout examples side by side with the real results.


Download our DreamBox PDF templates below:

Full DreamBox Layout


Empty DreamBox Layout


3. Move in 

Now it's time to move in, one section at a time. Reference our tips below as you get started.

Please note, if you have a wallpaper that you would like to add to your DreamBox, consider doing this before moving in. See more inspiration or check out our pre-sized DreamBox Wallpaper options HERE

  • Add your shelves, InView Totes, and tracks before adding your supplies. Use the recommended tote layout included in your assembly instructions.
  • Use the right sized totes and accessories for your craft supplies. Don't be afraid to move things around as you go to make things work most efficiently - the DreamBox is customizable for a reason!
  • Set yourself up for success by checking out this blog post: 5 Craft Supply Organizing Mistakes to Stop Making

4. Decorate Your DreamBox

Now that your craft supplies are organized, it's time to personalize the look of your DreamBox to reflect your unique personality. Click here for ideas and inspiration. 

Some things to consider: 

  • Wallpaper. Check out our pre-sized DreamBox Wallpaper options HERE
  • Tote covers. Get the cut files here: three steps to DIY tote decor 
  • Color coordinate.  
  • Save space for treasures and things that make you happy. 
  • Labels. Check out our labels blog here for some ideas!
  • Visit the Create Room Family Facebook Group to get inspired. Be sure to share a picture of your own once it is all set up!

    To see firsthand how other creators have found a space for their supplies, watch the videos below and even more on our YouTube channel


    Finished with your DreamBox setup?

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