Meet Our Creator Consultant Kylie Jones

Meet Our Creator Consultant Kylie Jones

At Create Room, there’s a team of Creator Consultants working diligently to ensure that every customer’s journey is not just a purchase, but a transformative experience. Kylie Jones, one of our dedicated Creator Consultants, is here to help every customer leave their consultation with answers and a newfound excitement. ​​Join us as we dive into her passion for helping others, her incredible DreamBox journey, and the heartwarming stories that make her role so much more than just a job.



Why do you help people as a Creator Consultant?

I help people as a Creator Consultant because I have been the customer, I love the products, and I understand the investment. At the end of the day, I want to be able to make a difference. I want the customer to walk away from our consultation with all of their questions answered, a way to reach me if they have additional questions, and be excited about their purchase. By the time the consultation is over, I want them to feel like we are crafting friends.

I absolutely LOVE this job! It is incredibly rewarding to be able to help people find a way to make their dreams come true. We have phenomenal products and our customers know and realize it. It is so much fun to work with our customers on what their needs are, and how they can make the DreamBox work for them individually.

I had a customer who had recently gone through an ugly divorce. She was broken, her children were broken, and all she wanted was to shed a little light for her young daughters. The young girl’s father had promised to build her a DreamBox. For months they talked about what this would be. Well, the time to build it passed, and her father ended up dropping off a broken cabinet that he had purchased somewhere. The young girl was devastated, she had dreams of the things she could do with her DreamBox, and her world came crashing down, at least that is how she felt. Her mother decided she would try to find a way to get her young daughter a DreamBox. She initially called me and told me her story, and my heart just ached for her and her children. She did not have a lot of money, and was asking about a giveaway and what her chances were.

After talking to her for a while, she had the information she needed for the giveaway, and I promised I would let her know of any future giveaways or upcoming sales. We hung up the phone, and I just kept thinking about this amazing lady’s story. It was a couple of months later when I spoke to her again, she called in to see if she could get the sale discounts and the special financing. We were able to come up with a DreamBox order that she was happy with, and a payment option that was not going to be too hard on her. It was a dream come true, and her daughter was ecstatic. I am so very grateful that I had the opportunity to help her and her daughter.


How do you help others as a Creator Consultant? What types of questions do you usually answer in a furniture consultation?

I think that how I help others as a Creator Consultant is to listen to what their needs are, what questions they have, and work with them to come up with solutions to help them make the DreamBox or other Create Room furniture work for them.

We answer all types of questions in a consultation. I think the most discussed topic would be how to arrange their space, and how it can fit in their specific area. For me, this is so much fun, because it is here where the light goes on and they realize they can do this. The most asked question about accessories is probably “what are your favorite accessories?” Hands-down, the Deluxe Crown with Double Light is my number one, it seems like as I get a little older, my eyesight is not as good, so to have that additional light, makes a big difference for me. It gives me enough light to see small details, as well as true colors.


My second and third choice would be the Paper Organizer and the Tool Cubby, they make my life much more organized and help me to see what I have. Some of the advice I give to customers would be that the DreamBox can be anything you want it to be, you can configure it for your needs, and can be used with any type of hobby/craft.


Is there anything people should know before coming to a consultation?

I would say that the best thing they can do before a consultation is when they schedule it, give us as much information as possible so that we are able to structure the consultation more individually for them. We only have 30 minutes, so let's make the most of it!


Where can people schedule a consultation with you (or others if you aren’t available)?

I offer two types of consultations. One for those who simply need help with their orders, and one for those who have questions and have interest in purchasing. In both types, you can choose whether you want it virtual, by phone, or even text.

You can schedule consultations by either reaching out to me directly on the phone, through customer service, or social media. I try to leave as much time available for consultations as possible. If for some reason you cannot find a time that works best for you, let me know and we can figure something out.


What are the best stories you've heard during a consultation?

One of the first few months that we started doing the Creator Consultations, I had a man scheduled, he said he was very interested in the DreamBox and had been saving, and looked forward to purchasing it in the future. I got ready for my Zoom meeting and logged on. About 30 seconds later, this young boy, about 10 years old, logged in on the other side. He was the “man” that had scheduled. He tried to act so very grown up, and asked a lot of questions. He told me that he had been saving and that he would likely have the money by next summer. I tried to treat him as I would any other customer, even though he was so young. I would have loved to have seen the look on my face when he logged on.


Tell our readers a little more about you! What are your main craft types? What do you love about them?

I am a lover of most crafts, probably like most people. I started crafting later in life (2015) and now I want to try EVERYTHING! I do have a special place in my heart for paper crafting and the joy and calm that it brings. I have started planning and I absolutely love that. It incorporates papercrafting and organization, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Did you have the DreamBox 1 and switch to the DreamBox 2? If so, what differences and improvements stood out the most, and which are your favorite?

I did have the DreamBox 1 and switched to the DreamBox 2. To be honest, at first I thought that it was not that different, I absolutely loved the table with no legs and the double amount of light, but certainly not enough to upgrade. I WAS WRONG! The DreamBox 2 is so well thought out and customized for anyone with a hobby. It allows you to truly make it your own with all of the options.

Other than the horizontal center shelves and the horizontal dividers in the Center Box, everything is adjustable. You can move the hook shelves anywhere in the Swing Door, you can put them as high as you like or as low as you like. You can also move the “pocket” shelf anywhere you need it in the swing doors as well. You’ll even get to decide if you want long dividers above the table for maximizing storage, or you can select the Short Divider Upgrade Kit and be able to store taller things on your table, like a computer monitor…brilliant!

You can alter the space underneath the table by selecting the Lower Storage Upgrade Kit, and have a similar configuration below the table as you do above the table. You also get to decide if you want your small tote/bookshelf storage area to run straight down the edge against the Center Box, or you can move the bottom piece over to the other side, and make a stylistic change. I absolutely love the DreamBox 2!!!


What Create Room furniture do you own? Tell us where you chose to put your furniture!

I currently own a DreamBox 2, the Sew Station, the DreamCart, and three Cubbies (and am likely to buy another one 😀. I also have an EZ View Desk that was discontinued several years ago. I love it all, it is amazing the way that these products can literally change your life. It did mine.

I do feel very fortunate that I have this amazing craft room that my sweet husband helped to create. All of my furniture is in one space and all used together. I am in my craft room at least 8 to 10 hours a day, and I absolutely love it. When I walk in there it literally makes me calm and happy, such an amazing space. With that being said, the DreamBox alone can make your happy place anywhere you want to put it. It will help you to know where all of your supplies are so that you are not wasting your time looking for them, or buying duplicates.


What crafts do you store in your furniture? What activities do you use them for?

I store all different kinds of things in my DreamBox. A lot of paper, pens, templates, wax, paints, ribbons, and washi…a lot of washi!!!

How did you first hear about Create Room?

I initially heard about Create Room when they were still The Original ScrapBox and had a showroom in American Fork, Utah. Much like most of you, I had a hard time justifying to myself that I could spend this amount and invest in myself. We can invest in our spouses, children, and grandchildren, but when it comes to investing in ourselves, it is much more difficult for us. It took me five years to decide to purchase, and ultimately my sweet husband said, “Just order it!” I’m pretty sure he was getting tired of every time I saw it, I would say I wanted it, and then would talk myself out of it.


Have you always been organized? What were your creative setbacks before owning Create Room furniture?

I have definitely always been organized, however, not to the degree that Create Room has brought into my life. My DreamBox 2 and other Create Room furniture have changed my life, literally. I now know where everything is and how much I have. If I want to sit down to craft, I only need to pull up to my DreamBox 2 and begin!


What advice do you wish you were given before buying the DreamBox?

I really wished I would have had the option to book a virtual consultation, I think then you have a way to have all of your questions answered in advance, you get to see the DreamBox 2 as it is used by another creator, and then usually, you have direct access to the Creator Consultant that helped you throughout the entire process. I think if I would have had this, I would have bought much sooner and saved myself a lot of money spent on Ikea furniture.


Is there anything else you want our audience to know about yourself, your DreamBox, or your Create Room furniture and accessories?

The DreamBox 2 is an absolutely amazing product. I no longer have problems finding anything. I don’t have to buy doubles of things that I know I already purchased, but can’t find. But most importantly, when I have a chance to sit down and craft, I don’t have to spend an hour or so looking for all of the things I need, they are right there in the DreamBox. The amount of joy and calming that the DreamBox 2 brings to crafting is unbelievable.


As you start your crafting journey with Create Room, remember that creator consultants like Kylie Jones are here to guide you, inspire you, and turn your dreams into reality! The DreamBox 2 is not just furniture; it's a space for creativity, organization, and pure crafting bliss.

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