Meet The Maker: Suzie Evans of Charming Planner

Meet The Maker: Suzie Evans of Charming Planner

Meet Suzie

Suzie is a dedicated wife and mother who loves to serve others through her creations. Learn more about how she expresses her creativity in beautiful ways that touch the lives of those around her. 

Tell us about yourself

I am a wife and mother of three incredibly sweet boys. I have been married for 23 years. I work as a secretary. I also substitute teach for special needs children who I absolutely adore with all my heart. In my spare time I love to volunteer for charity events.

Tell us about the types of crafting you do.

The types of crafting I do is a variety of things. I used to have my own jewelry business and love to design jewelry. I do a lot of paper crafting, and memory keeping in journals and planners. I love to crochet and have been crocheting homeless sleeping mats out of plastic garbage bags for the homeless to sleep on.

I love doing mixed media art and I love to sew. Right now my current obsession is with planners. I love to plan out my days and weeks and stay organized. I am on the design team for The Planner Society. They are a company that sells beautiful planners and kits. The Planner Society also offers amazing monthly subscription kits. Its like Christmas in a box! Its what got me started into the planner crafting world. I share my planning and paper crafting daily with followers on Instagram. I love to inspire others to be creative. I continue to make jewelry and charms for planners out of all my beads and jewelry from my business. In my spare time I love to bake.

a homeless sleeping mat that Suzie crocheted out of garbage bags

Your studio is gorgeous. Tell us about how you designed your space and made it all your own. 

My previous work space set up was in the basement in a room. It was not an organized space. As my boys grew older and no longer used the large toy room upstairs, it became mine. I sold all the unused toys, ripped out the carpet, painted the walls and ordered the amazing Original ScrapBox furniture. 

My boys no longer needed a toy room or play with toys. Two of my boys moved out this year. One got married and one is serving an LDS mission in Oregon. I truly miss the days of all the Legos, hot wheel cars and games everywhere. I think all us mothers try to hang on to that time as long as we can. I would take it all back in a heart beat. But the room stood empty and it was time to make use of the room once again. So I sold all the toys and ripped everything out. We painted, carpeted and I ordered your beautiful furniture to go in it, which made the space all my own. It is my quiet space, my creative space. A place where I can create and work from home all at the same time staying organized and loving what I do.

How did you first hear about The Original ScrapBox? 

I heard about The Original ScrapBox through Facebook. When I saw it, it was love at first sight! As I investigated where to purchase it I realized it was right here in my town!

When did you get the EZ View Desk? 

I got the EZ View Desk in 2016 as a gift. My husband knew how much I loved it so him and my boys purchased it for me for Mothers Day. My boys secretly put it all together and then told me to come downstairs on Mothers Day. There was a big blanket on top. They said, "Close your eyes mom!" I did and they took off the blanket and underneath was the beautiful EZ View Desk. I will never forget how sweet it was. 

Why did you decide to get Her HobbyBox? 

I purchased Her Hobby Box because I needed lots of storage in a smaller space. It was the perfect height, size and storage space for the room.

Tell us a little bit about the delivery and assembly process of your ScrapBox furniture. 

The delivery was great and the assembly was easy. My boys and my husband had fun putting it all together. 

What are some of your other hobbies or interests? 

I absolutely love being a mom! There is no other thing in the world I love more! I have 3 boys and they are my world. Any extra time I have is spent with them. We love to swim, ski, travel, go bowling, boating or just hang out and watch a good movie or play a fun game. We even cook together. I taught them how to make home made rolls. My one son can make them better than me now! I never had a mom growing up, so I have made it my number one priority everyday to make sure my boys know how much I love them. My other hobbies and interests are designing for companies. I love to inspire creativity and I love the planner community on IG where I share ideas. Everyone is so sweet and kind. Its a tight knit community. I also run a full time business with my husband. We have 50 employees and it keeps us very busy. I love to work with my husband. I also love to volunteer for charity events. I also sub as a special needs teacher and enjoy being around those angels.

Why do you create? 

I create to tell stories and to share ideas. Sometimes I create in writing, in making a piece of jewelry, memory keeping with a picture I have taken or time spent crocheting a homeless mat. I love how it makes a person smile when they receive a hand made gift. Each piece has a story.

I love to inspire and be inspired by others.

See more of Suzie's work on Instagram @charmingplanner

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