ScrapBox Family Costume Contest Winners!

ScrapBox Family Costume Contest Winners!


One of America's favorite Holidays, so much so that many spend MONTHS prepping their costumes for an exciting night out on the town!

More than a costume

We told you a few weeks ago that we think your genius costumes deserve a little more recognition than just one night! This is why we hold our annual Halloween Costume Contest! 

The submissions

This year we were so thrilled at the overwhelming response we got to our Costume Contest! With over 50 submissions, choosing only three winners was not easy! 

Watch our Facebook Live video where we announced the winners here

The Winners! 

Third Place:

Jessie U. won third place with her amazing handmade family costumes! She said the Monsters Inc costume took the longest, taking over a month! She said the costumes involved all of her crafting skills including paper machete, sewing, and paper crafts! 

She said her favorite part of Halloween is getting to pass on the handmade costumes and crazy pumpkin carving to her kids. 

She won a $100 gift card to our store! 

2nd Place: 

Linda L. won 2nd place with her incredible handmade How To Train Your Dragon costume for her adorable boys. 

She said this costume took about 3 weeks to make. She used a wide variety of tools and materials including chicken wire, PVC pipe, chipboard, and many others to get the perfect design! 

Her favorite part about Halloween is the decorations, the crisp feeling of fall, and the smells of delicious treats! But above all, she loves to see kids smile and their eyes light up when they see each others costumes! 

Linda won a $150 gift card to our store! 

1st Place: 

Angela M. won first place with her amazing Alice in Wonderland family costume! She said the costumes took her about two months to complete! She started in late August with Alice and the Cheshire Cat and was able to complete them just in time for Halloween. She even made a lot of the patterns herself. 

She said her favorite part of halloween is getting to dress up as a family! 

Angela won a $200 gift card to our store! 

Have a Happy Halloween! 


Other Noteworthy Submissions 

After seeing all of the amazing costumes submitted, we wanted to share them with you! Thank you to every one who submitted their costumes and we look forward to next years submissions! 


What do you think? Which costumes are your favorite? 

Comment and tell us! 




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