Sparking creativity with Lucia & her DreamBox

Sparking creativity with Lucia & her DreamBox

This guest post is written by Lucia Pinto. Follow along below as she gives us a tour of her DreamBox setup:

The best part of the DreamBox is the spark of creativity it ignites in me!

Before the DreamBox, I had art supplies all over the place! Many times, I would even forget what art supplies I owned. It would take a long time to find the supplies I needed for a particular project; glitter paint, a particular paint brush, or a different paint altogether. It was maddening. I am by no means a messy person but I was lacking the right tool to organize my art supplies in a way that made them easy to access.

When you are an artist or craft enthusiast, you collect A LOT of supplies. Then the next problem becomes, how on Earth am I going to store all of these supplies? It’s not as easy as walking into a big box retailer and asking for the perfect piece of furniture to store your art supplies. I tried all the hacks out there, I googled and made Pinterest boards, I looked through dozens of blogs trying to find the perfect solution. Nothing worked. Everything I had tried, up until recently, had not provided me with the ideal solution. All that I did was spend more money on temporary fixes.

Once I came across the DreamBox, I was hooked. It was as if someone had finally answered the craft storage dilemma and my dream storage had come to life. Had someone finally heard my cries for better storage? Did they know that art supplies were covering every surface of my home? The moment that I received an email saying, “Your DreamBox is on its way,” I actually got up and did a happy dance.


In order to understand more about why I love to create and how important the DreamBox has become to me and my family, I’ll have to start from the beginning:

My name is Lucia and I was born in Slovakia to deaf parents who were professional dressmakers. Thanks to my parents' occupation, I was always surrounded by paper, pencils, scissors and colorful fabrics. While my dad would sketch new designs for his clients, I would be doing the same right alongside him for my dolls. I feel strongly that because of this early influence and exposure to art at a young age, it’s fueled my passion for creating, drawing, and painting throughout my life.

In fact, if you look at the center of my DreamBox, a wooden hand and a figurine with scissors, you’ll see my earliest inspiration proudly displayed there. The wooden hand represents LOVE in sign language, the blue wooden figure with scissors is a representation of my parents as dressmakers. These pieces are the inspiration, a constant reminder of why I love to create. Art is my sanctuary.


On the left side of the DreamBox, you can find all the art supplies needed to paint. Each shelf is dedicated to a particular type of paint; from acrylic paints to fabric paints, everything is organized (and of course– in the rainbow order).


Toward the right side of the DreamBox, you will find all my tools needed for gluing, threading, cutting, sewing, if you can dream it–it’s probably there! The included mini totes allow for easy storage of much smaller items like googly eyes, pom-poms, beads and buttons. What’s even more amazing, is that these can be divided further to store additional small pieces. And can we just acknowledge how amazing it is that these drawers are in fact clear! I can easily find any tidbit needed to easily craft through the day. When inspiration strikes and creativity flows, the ability to easily view and access my materials has saved my sanity and allowed me to be the artist I want to be.


The ability to customize this DreamBox, has made this the ultimate solution for every level crafter. We all have different needs and work in different niches, so customization is crucial. Totes can easily be added or removed. If someone needed more craft space, you can add up to two additional tables. The possibilities are endless.

I chose the pre-built version and I couldn’t be happier! It took me only a few minutes to connect the “wings'' of the DreamBox. All of this meant only one thing– more crafting time for me and my family! My youngest daughter already knows where to find the art supplies she needs and loves the ability to access her scissors, glue, and paper from the totes all by herself. Once she is all done, she can easily put everything back because she can see where it goes (Total mom win and that was definitely not the case before!).


If you find yourself like me and you were dreaming about the ultimate storage for all your crafting needs, look no further; the DreamBox is absolutely worth it! Make your dreams come true, let creativity spark and let the DreamBox worry about how to store it all.



Looking for a more organized craft space?

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Meet the creator, Lucia Pinto

Lucia's mission is to inspire both children and adults with exciting art projects, creating unforgettable moments that the whole family can enjoy! On her website, you can find a variety of art tutorials, illustrated worksheets, printables, and virtual classes all designed so you can get creative and have fun with the kids. Want to see more of what Lucia does? You can follow her Instagram account @lulu__make or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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