Mini Bolts: The Easy Way to Organize Fabric

Mini Bolts: The Easy Way to Organize Fabric

Say goodbye to fabric chaos and hello to Mini Bolts fabric organizers! Available in packs of 50 in either Fat Quarter (4x6") or Original (11x7"). Watch below to see how they're helping keep fabric collections manageable:



Specifically designed to fit seamlessly inside the DreamBox, DreamCart, Sew Station, and Cubby, these versatile organizers create a fully streamlined storage setup for your craft space! No more messy stacks or tangled rolls - Mini-Bolt fabric organizers provide a game-changing solution for keeping your fabrics organized and ready for use.


Creator Stacey Gillespie preps for a project at her Sew Station with the new Fat Quarter Mini Bolts.


Mini Bolts: Fat Quarter (small)

The Fat Quarter Mini-Bolt pack can hold up to 1 yard of fabric, sized at 4x6 inches. These compact organizers provide a perfect solution for managing smaller fabric pieces all in one space. Whether you work with fat quarters, scraps, or smaller cuts, the Mini-Bolt Fabric Organizers will keep them neatly folded and secured, so you can effortlessly locate the fabric you need for your next project. They even fit perfectly inside both our Medium and Large InView Totes!


 The Fat Quarter Mini Bolts tuck neatly inside the Medium InView Totes.


Mini Bolts: Original (large)

But what about those larger fabric pieces? Don't worry! The Original Mini-Bolt pack can hold up to 15 yards of fabric, sized at 11x7 inches. Recommended for fabrics that exceed a yard, ensuring that even your biggest and boldest projects are stored and organized with ease.

Stacey Gillespie uses the Original Mini Bolts to store larger fabric away.


The Original Bolts are a great fit on shelves inside the DreamBox and Cubby. You can store them vertically or horizontally!

Utilize free-standing space in your DreamBox or Cubby to store your Mini-Bolts! 


Not sure how to use the Mini Bolts? 

Creator Amy Latta gave us a quick walkthrough on how to store fabric with the Fat Quarter Mini Bolts!

Amy Latta crafts at her Sew Station with her new Fat Quarter Mini Bolts on hand.


"Just secure one end of the fabric under the tab, wrap it around the bolt, then use a small clip to secure the other end. Then, place it in a tote, where you can easily see exactly what fabric choices you have for your next project." -Amy Latta




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Don't let fabric clutter hold you back! Shop Mini-Bolt Fabric Organizers and take control of your craft space.

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