What our Customer's Say about The WorkBox

What our Customer's Say about The WorkBox


I had been dreaming about having this piece of furniture for a while but the cost kind of scared me. I had a room to do my card making in but everything was scattered here and there in multiple totes and drawer units. I retired this year and we will be downsizing to a smaller home so felt this is the time to purchase the ScrapBox. I must say, it is ABSOLUTELY worth the money! It came in the time the company promised, delivered in perfect shape. My husband is a retired carpenter and he was VERY impressed in the engineering of the cabinet. The written and video instructions made it simple to put together. There was even instruction on where to put the pegs for each shelf taking any guess work out of it! All of the supplies I had in my previous room, scattered all over, now fit in this one beautiful piece of furniture with room to spare. There are some bins that are still empty. I cannot say enough how well thought out and designed this unit is. Do not hesitate to buy the extra crown with light... I would have regretted not getting it. If you are having any doubts or hesitation, put them aside.... you will LOVE it!


So in love with this product! It was very easy to put together, definitely need two people for the middle section assemly. It did take a few hours to put together but so worth it when it was completed! Happy to have everything out of plastic storage containers and in the cabinet organized with everything visible for easy finding!


I noticed the comments by someone about being disappointed that it's not real wood. Real wood can split. High quality MDF performs much better over years than real wood.

I love that I can organize the shelves in any arrangement I want. This lets me put in my own totes or have open shelves for open stock paper, or whatever I want. :)


Overall this product is fantastic. High quality manufacturing, easy to contact customer service and good instructions make this a wonderful investment and a rare amazing put-it-together-yourself piece of furniture.



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