Will It Work For My Activities?

Will It Work For My Activities?

Here's how our customers use the DreamBox!

The DreamBox is designed with all types of crafters in mind! Take a look at our blog to find your craft type and see what other creators like you are doing with their DreamBoxes.

Trying to keep your crafting space organized can be a real challenge, especially when you frequently need to move your supplies and machines around as you switch between projects! The DreamBox is designed for a range of creative activities, whether it's sewing, baking, jewelry making, or anything else in between. Take a look below to find your craft type and see how customers just like you use the DreamBox!



Sewing & Quilting

It’s no question that sewists and quilters require extra space for fabrics, patterns, sewing machines, and small notions. The DreamBox offers that and more with adjustable shelving that can accommodate jelly rolls, fat quarters, squares, and even larger fabrics.

The Center Box is an ideal section for storing sewing machines, especially on or below the table for easy access. The new DreamBox 2 table (as seen below) can hold up to 50 pounds on its own. Creator Tammy S. stores a sewing machine underneath her table while keeping her main sewing machine on top.

Tammy S. uses her sewing machine on the DreamBox 2 easy-fold table.

If you have heavy machines or more than one sewing machine that you want to keep out on the table, the DreamBox work area can easily be expanded with the Side Tables for extra support, or the Sew Station. Both of these are compatible with the DreamBox desk height.



Creators like Karen F. (below) pair the DreamBox with the Sew Station to create a larger workspace and streamline the setup of her sewing machines:

Karen F. uses the Sew Station, Tool Cubby, and DreamBox shelves to store her fabric.

Fabric can easily be stored vertically on the shelves and in the Swing Doors for easy access. The Mini Bolts are a perfect fit inside the Medium and Large InView Totes. To learn more about our different sizes, take a look at our blog. Courtney B. (below) uses 18x6 fabric bolts for her larger material in DreamBox swing doors.

Courtney B. uses the DreamBox to store large sections of fabric, sewing threads, vinyl rolls, and even Cricut machines.


Baking & Decorating

If you're a baking or cookie decorating enthusiast, the DreamBox can be arranged to store bakeware, cake decorating supplies, and more! Adjustable shelves and InView Tote dividers make it easy to customize sections for your mixing bowls, cake pans, decorating tips, and food coloring.


Lauren C. stores cookie decorating supplies inside her DreamBox. She hangs paper towels on the Hanging Rod for easy access when cleaning up messes.

The InView Totes are also perfect for organizing sprinkles, food dyes, and pastry bags. With the DreamBox, you'll have all your baking essentials neatly organized and within easy reach.


Diana R. uses two Side Tables to expand her workspace and make room for her cupcake bouquets. 

“These are pics of my ‘Dianna's Bloom Cakes’ workroom (I have a cupcake bouquet business). I made my first orders at my new "creation station" and I LOVE IT!!! I need to rearrange and organize some more to get it just how I want it... but oh my!!! My husband is in awe saying the cabinet looks so professional, especially for the biz ❤️❤️❤️” – Dianna R.


Jewelry Making

Crafting beautiful jewelry requires precision and organization, and the DreamBox is your perfect sidekick for this craft. The adjustable shelving neatly arranges your tools and bead organizers, making it a breeze to access what you need. The Hanging Rods are ideal for holding thread, wires, and ribbons within reach. You can even customize the Hook Shelves to hang frequently-used tools, wire cutters, or display your finished pieces.


Beadmaker, Rhonda B., uses her DreamBox to display and create beads for earrings. She organizes beads and supplies mainly with Hanging Rods and Jars.

“She’s the center of my lil’ hobby, a handmade bead earring business! I still have thousands of beads to add and organize in between making my earrings.” – Rhonda B.


Shannon L. organizes beads, hanging strips and more inside her Small InView Totes with dividers to keep them separated.

Small InView Totes and Jars are a great option for housing beads and gemstones, keeping them easily accessible and organized as you work. Lay out your beads, wires, and threads without worrying about whether or not you’ll lose track of them!

Creator Consultant, Desiree Reinhard, organizes beads, needles, and other small notions inside the Notion Tray Inserts.

“What Create Room accessory could you just not live without? For me it's the Plastic Notion Tray Inserts!🤩” – Desiree Reinhard


Cardmaking & Scrapbooking

The DreamBox is a perfect match for cardmakers, scrapbookers, and paper crafters of all kinds! Its expandable workspace and easy-fold table provide ample room for creating beautiful handmade cards and scrapbooking layouts. Adjustable shelves and trays can be used to organize paper, cardstock, stamps, ink pads, and embellishments.

The side shelves are perfect for storing your cutting machines, or you can store them on the table front and center for easier access when starting your projects. Medium InView Totes help keep your card blanks and envelopes neatly stacked.

Deb C. uses her expanded table space with both Side Tables so she can work with both her Cricut machines and cutting mat all at once. In her DreamBox, she labels her Totes by supply type to simplify her workflow.

Creator Marianne B. (below) adds a little extra to her DreamBox with the Tablet Holder so she can craft and view her tablet as she works!


“I used one of the Hanging Rods and put it in the very back hole of the Swing Door. This is where I hang my blending brushes. I can still put stuff in front of it, I'm just not finished putting everything in yet.” – Marianne B.


DIY Crafts

Whether you’re a DIY crafter or you just want a space to craft with family and friends, the DreamBox has ample room for organizing supplies by craft type and color. Some crafters even choose to put their kids' craft supplies down low while keeping their own important supplies up high and out of reach.

Marla H. uses the back of her DreamBox 1 Side Boxes to hang crafting aprons and map out ideas on the Whiteboards.

“It’s done, it's done! It’s finally done! (For now. 😉) We’re in a condo on the second floor, so space is limited. I set up my DreamBox and DreamCart in the dining room and use it all the time. I love it!” –Marla H.


Home Office & Business

If you're using a home office setup or running a bustling craft business, the DreamBox can bring a breath of fresh organization and efficiency into your space! 

Creators like Jackie T. (below) use their DreamBoxes as both a craft station and office. The DreamBox 2 has plenty of space in the Center Box to store large machines and computer monitors!

Jackie T. crafts with her computer inside the Center Box of her new DreamBox 2.


Painting & Drawing

Artists and illustrators will appreciate the extra storage space in the DreamBox for painting and drawing supplies. The adjustable shelves can easily hold paints and sketchbooks, while the Jars or Tool Cubby can organize tubes of paint, brushes, markers, and colored pencils. The DreamBox's large work surface allows you to spread out your materials and create your art comfortably.

Leyla Newman fills her setup with markers, inks, pens, and paper. She uses the Large InView Totes to store her stamp pads while stacking her paper vertically on the shelves.


Watch Shaylene’s DreamBox tour below to see how she works at her DreamBox as an artist: 



Crocheters and knitters can take advantage of the DreamBox's adaptable shelving to accommodate large yarn and patterns. The Totes are perfect for keeping your yarn skeins and hanks untangled, while the Hooks can hold your crochet or knitting tools. The DreamBox ensures that all your supplies are neatly organized, making your crafting process smoother.

Melinda F. stores yarn inside her shelves, organizing her smaller bundles inside the Medium and Large InView Totes.


Nail Art

We’re excited to see new creators turning their DreamBoxes into nail studios. Nail artists like Tracy (below) can store nail polish in any section of their Boxes, including the Swing Doors.


“I’m a full-time content creator for my own Nail Art brand. I use the DreamBox along with two DreamCarts in my suite at headquarters.” –Tracy V.


In addition to displaying her nail polish throughout the DreamBox, Cathy B. uses Hanging Rods to display nail swatches in the Swing Doors.


Whether you're into sewing, baking, jewelry making, cardmaking, painting, quilting, or knitting, the DreamBox can be customized to meet your unique needs. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized and enjoyable crafting experience with the DreamBox. Didn’t see your craft type? Ask our Create Room Family Facebook group to see what creators like you have done with their spaces! Have questions about what you can do with your DreamBox? Schedule a consultation with one of our amazing creator consultants to learn more.


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*Please note that the DreamBox can fit most, if not all craft types, but we don’t recommend specific activities that might be destructive to the longevity of the DreamBox or compromise the integrity of individual parts.

For your safety, we advise that you use a Safety Bracket Kit and stabilizers to keep your DreamBox upright and fully supported when using heavy supplies or machines. Don’t sit on the table, don’t use hot items/cook on it. To protect your table against burns or scratches, use a cutting mat or heat protective mat. Don’t use materials with plasticizers like polymer clay directly inside an Inview Tote or it will melt the plastic. Make sure they are properly stored with protective coverings.

For further information on weight distribution in the DreamBox, transportation methods, or other safety precautions, please refer to our Warranty & Safety info.

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