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Dreambox 2

Endless Joy. Limitless Creativity.

Review Stars

"I'm in love with the new DreamBox 2, and I think it's taken an already great product to new heights."

Craft Blogger

Review Stars

"Phenomenal quality! Truly, the best investment; for my tools and equipment, and my creativity."

— SHAYLENE TASHMAN, Product Tester

Review Stars

My favorite new feature is the folding table. This Box has brought the joy of creating back in my life!

Product Tester

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A new world of creative possibilities

fast setup
& easy access

Fast-track your creativity with an easy fold table and all your supplies in view and within reach.

A place for

Gather up your supplies that are
hidden around the house. There’s
room for it all in the DreamBox!

tailored for you

You have a unique personality and so should your DreamBox! Personalize to perfection with unparalleled flexibility.

an elevated environment

Everyone gets a light standard with
their DreamBox! Upgrade to the
Deluxe Crown for double the light.

for strength

The DreamBox 2 is made in the USA with high quality materials and hardware.

tour the
dreambox 2!

Get a live tour with Desi or another one
of our DreamBox experts and get all
your questions answered.

Dreambox 2 dimensions

Overall dimensions - closed

Overall Dimensions - Open

Table Top Dimensions

Tote Dimensions

Download Dimensions
what comes in the box
standard with your DreamBox

Product Image
inview totes
72 or 43 InView Totes perfectly sized for all craft supplies and tools.
24 hooks to keep your tools within reach. 4 rods are ideal for washi tape and ribbon.
jars/Acrylic guards
8 jars with acrylic guards to keep small essential items close and in view. (Deluxe Package)
Easily adjust and customize your setup. Enjoy easier-than-ever DreamBox customization.
See how it compares
DreamBox 2 vs DreamBox 1

Wrap around Enviroment

Customizable Swing Door

Intergrated Table

Standing Height Option for Main Table

Standing Height Option with Side Tables

EZ Fold Table

Secure Lock Table System

Customizable Side Boxes Frame

Customizable Upper Center Section Frame

Customizable Lower Center Section Frame

Industrial grade hinges

Small Notion Shelves

2 Panel Door option

Integrated LED Light Included

Dual LED light upgrade option

Standard InView Totes Package

Upgraded Inview Tote Package

Starting Price:

DreamBox 1

Large: 18
Medium: 8
Small: 14

Large: 34
Medium: 20
Small: 26


DreamBox 2

Large: 17
Medium: 12
Small: 14

Large: 34
Medium: 24
Small: 14

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The DreamBox 2 is very similar in overall dimensions to the DreamBox 1. The main difference is that the Center Box is roughly 2” wider and the Side Boxes are ¼” wider.
See detailed dimensions for the DreamBox 2 in the graphic above.

Unfortunately because of the size and structure changes, many of the DreamBox 2 features, such as the new table and Deluxe Crown w/Double Light, are not compatible with previous models.
There are some upgrades, such as the new small shelves and new metal pegs, that can be incorporated into the DreamBox 1. Full blog post coming soon!

The height of the table has not changed on the DreamBox 2 and is compatible with the Sew Station and DreamCart.
The DreamBox 2 is not compatible with the DreamBox 1 Side Tables. We have designed new Side Tables to work with the DreamBox 2 table. These Side Tables are slightly wider and lock into the side of the DreamBox 2 table with our new SecureLock system.

Yes! The DreamBox 2 features the same beautiful InView totes and many of our accessories are also compatible. The ones that will not work and have been replaced with new models are:
- DreamBox 1 Three Wooden Drawers
- DreamBox 1 Crown
- DreamBox 1 Side Tables

The new DreamBox 2 Side Tables offer a standing height option!

If your order has not yet shipped and you would like to upgrade to the DreamBox 2, please contact our customer service team at to see if you are eligible.

Yes, the DreamBox 1 was discontinued on 6/22/23. The DreamBox 1 Crown, Side Tables, and 3 Wooden Drawer accessories will also be discontinued and only available for a limited time while supplies last.

The DreamBox 2 is now live and on sale for $300 off during our 4th of July Sale.

Both models of the DreamBox will provide you with a beautiful, all-in-one creative haven where you can dream and create. You will not be disappointed with either one. The upgrades to the DreamBox 2 include increased customizability, accessibility, storage, quality, and functional improvements including compatibility with the Deluxe Crown w/Double Light, and the EZ fold table. See our blog for a full overview of the differences between these two models.

The DreamBox 2 will be available in both a White Shaker 2-Panel and White Ergo style.

Yes! We chose the most popular white that helps reflect true colors while crafting with our LED light system. All of our modular furniture is the same white color with mild variation that results from our suppliers’ manufacturing process.

650 lbs

Those are our new Base Stabilizers! They were custom designed to slide onto your Center Box base to stop your DreamBox from rolling and provide additional stability support. They must be attached during assembly and can be removed after attaching your DreamBox to the wall with the provided Safety Brackets.

The new DreamBox 2 table features strong custom hinges to support all kinds of crafting. The weight limit is 50 lbs. Please note that proper use of the DreamBox 2 includes attaching the included Safety Brackets to your wall or using the included Base Stabilizers as instructed. Exceeding this weight limit will void your warranty on the Center Box Table Hinge System.