Finding organization & creativity in Stacey's DreamBox

Finding organization & creativity in Stacey's DreamBox



For Stacey Gillespie, crafting is about more than just expression. Being able to have a creative moment in her day is like art therapy, helping her connect and make memories with the people she loves. Whether it’s with her sisters, grandchildren, or friends, Stacey enjoys being able to create new memories through her craft! In her DreamBox, she can craft with family and find daily inspiration when seeing all her supplies in one space.

"I love that I can just sit down at the DreamBox and start creating, but I also like that I can put it away quickly and I can actually see my things, they inspire me and make me happy. A lot of times I haven’t done something in a while, but when I can see it, I know where it is."

What's inside Stacey's setup?

Sew Station
Crown with Light
Cutting Mat
Wallpaper Set
Crafter's Caddy

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