Will The DreamBox Fit In My Space?

Will The DreamBox Fit In My Space?

Wondering where to place your DreamBox and if it will fit? You're not alone. Discovering the ideal spot starts here. We'll highlight how real-life creators efficiently integrated the DreamBox into small apartments, living rooms, kitchens, spare bedrooms, and garages using different layouts! Dive in to find the perfect spot for the DreamBox in your own space.


DreamBox Layouts for Small Spaces

The first step, if working with a compact space, is changing the layout of the DreamBox doors to maximize the dimensions you have to work with. If you're looking for extra pointers and measurements, refer to our blog “Easy Tips on Fitting Your DreamBox 2 in Small Spaces”. We’ll show some of the layouts below to get you started.

Most Common DreamBox Layouts:

  • Fold-In Swing Doors
  • Fold-In Side Boxes
  • L-Shaped Side Box & Swing Doors
  • Curved Side Boxes & Swing Doors


One Box, Many Rooms: DreamBox in Spaces Small to Large

Garages & She-Sheds

Have unused space in your garage? Transform it into a creative haven with the DreamBox! Creator Olivia Maihack uses her garage as a designated craft space to create with family and friends.

“We decided to put our DreamBox in the garage because we're hoping to have sort of a table and workshop out here where I could have neighbors or friends come craft with me.” – Olivia (@everydayjubilee

Olivia from Everyday Jubilee gives an inside look at her DreamBox in her garage. Click here to see more of her story!

We’ve even seen creators fit the DreamBox into their backyard “she-sheds”. If your space is wide enough, you could leave your DreamBox open to ensure it’s always ready for use. In other situations when tight on space, you can close the swing doors to make room for more storage.


Sarah from Sunny South Love shows us how the DreamBox works inside a she-shed.


“I love that I can have my WorkBox open in my shed and have easy access to everything that has a home of its own. When I'm in my she-shed, I can relax, listen and sing to music as loud as I want and not have to worry about dog-hair getting on my projects while I craft.” – Sarah Roberts-Hanna

Crafting Nooks & Corners

We see many creators storing their DreamBoxes in small crafting nooks and corners. While some have enough room to leave their DreamBoxes fully open, others with smaller spaces choose to fold in their Swing Doors or even their Side Boxes to fit the DreamBox inside multi-purpose rooms.

Naydja F. arranges her DreamBox next to her TV and living room couch by tucking it in the corner. She creates a nook shape by folding in both Side Boxes.


“Since I have my TV against the wall, I open mine to be a nook for me to work in. I love it and I'm happy with the addition to my craft room.” – Naydja F.

Need more inspiration? Here are a couple more setups from our creators who turned corners into crafting nooks:

Creators utilize the L-shape layout and curved DreamBox swing doors in order to nestle into corners.

Living Room & Dining Room

For those who have a dedicated craft area in their living room, recreation room, or even dining room, the DreamBox can effortlessly integrate into any of these spaces. The customizable shelving and storage compartments ensure that your scrapbooking supplies, paints, or sewing essentials are neatly organized without overflowing your area.

Creator Kimi B. works at her DreamBox with the Side Doors folded in so she can save space for her dining room area. When not in use, she closes the doors to maintain a cleaner, more concealed craft space: 

“The DB2 is the only solution that made sense for the 125 sq ft space that serves as a dining room, home office, and art studio in our small home. I never thought that my husband would agree to the purchase, but ultimately, the man couldn’t argue with the innovative design that keeps all my stuff organized and partially concealed in this highly visible, high-traffic area of our home.” – Kimi B.

Most living rooms have carpet, which is not always ideal for the aesthetics of your space or for rolling chairs. If you have carpet in your chosen space, you can give the DreamBox more support by putting down wood or non-slip chair mats. Creator Tanya B. (below) uses a peel and stick cover over thin plywood to make her space both functional and aesthetic. See her before and after photos below:


Tanya B. uses her DreamBox in the corner of her living room, replacing both her desk and side storage units.


Bedrooms & Spare Rooms

For those with a dedicated craft corner in their bedroom or a spare guest room, the DreamBox 2 can be easily incorporated into this type of space. Utilize the customizable shelving and storage compartments to neatly organize your scrapbooking supplies, paints, or sewing essentials.

“I am in a senior living community and the DreamBox is perfect for my situation. A guest room AND a studio!” – Carlene F.

Carlene F. arranged her room to fit both a bed and a DreamBox alongside other furniture.


If your spare room is too small to include both a bed and a DreamBox, take a look at what Creator Susan S. has done with her setup:

By the main wall of her guest room, Susan S. stores the DreamBox along with her other craft furniture. She uses a collapsible Murphy bed chest on the other side of the room to save even more space.

“This weekend we have company coming for the first time since we set up my DreamBox, and I’ll close it up so this will be a safe room for our grandchild. An idea if you need to use your crafting space as a guest room! This is a queen size Murphy bed chest (tall dresser size) and for me, also serves as an ironing space on the top when it is closed up.” – Susan S.

To save even more space, you can store the DreamBox in a corner or fold in the sides depending on how other furniture is arranged.

Home Offices & Craft Studios

Dreaming of a clutter-free home office? The DreamBox can be your solution. Integrate this setup seamlessly into your home office, keeping all your stationery, files, and office supplies within arm's reach. The customizable shelving allows you to create a personalized workflow, making your work environment not only functional but also visually appealing.

Lora S. turned the corner of her living room into both an office and a craft space. On the far left sits her Sew Station while her DreamCart and Cubby sit in the middle. In the far right, you’ll see her Workbox, a previous version of the DreamBox 2.

“I recently had to give up my office to turn it into a bedroom, so I had to make an office out of the corner of my living room. The furniture is so configurable; after a few different setups, I’m finally really happy with the flow.” – Lora S.

Other creators with craft studios add the DreamBox to their space to help organize and divide up their craft room into sections. Wanda K. uses her DreamBox to store thread while she uses the rest of her space for her stand-up sewing projects.

Wanda K. fits the DreamBox and Sew Station alongside her standing-height sewing table for an expanded workspace in her studio.

As you’ve seen from creators just like you, fitting the DreamBox 2 into small spaces is not only possible but also an exciting opportunity to optimize your creative or work environment. With its customizable features and thoughtfully designed layouts, this storage solution proves that size doesn't matter when it comes to enhancing functionality and organization. Choose the layout that best suits your space and let the DreamBox 2 become the foundation for your most inspired creative projects!

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In the comments below, tell us which room you'd like to put your DreamBox in (or where you currently have it)!
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