DreamBox 2 FAQ

DreamBox 2 FAQ

With the recent launch of the DreamBox 2, we know that there are lots of dreamy details to take in and new things to consider. If you're still in learning mode, read on for a list of frequently asked questions, with answers from the Create Room Team! 

Q: Will it fit in my space? 

A: While the DreamBox 2 spans 9'2" wide when fully open, you do not actually need that much wall space to make it work for you. There are many configurations that take up less space and actually give you easier access to all of your supplies! We've seen customers make it work with as little as 70" of space. Click HERE to see more configurations with measurements and HERE to see how other creators have made it work in spaces big and small.  

Q: What are the main advantages of the DreamBox 2 over the DreamBox 1? 

A: The DreamBox 2 was designed with customer feedback incorporated. We truly believe it is our dreamiest DreamBox ever. It includes the following upgrades:  

  • Maximum efficiency with an all-new easy fold table for faster set up and easier access to your supplies.
  • Increased storage capacity and superior storage options. Goodbye clutter!
  • Unparalleled customizability. Create the DreamBox that perfectly suits your needs.
  • An elevated environment featuring our Deluxe Crown w/Double Light.
  • Enhanced durability with stronger custom hinges and a reinforced frame.

Click HERE for a full in-depth comparison. 

Q: What is the difference between the Long and Short Divider options?

A: The Long Dividers are the standard configuration for the DreamBox 2 Center Box. Depending on your crafting preferences, you might be interested in our new Short Divider Accessory Kit that will give you more vertical space for fitting a computer monitor or a larger crafting machine. 

Let's start with the Long Dividers, which is the standard configuration that was designed for storing a single cutting or sewing machine right in the middle of your DreamBox while maximizing InView Tote Storage in your Center Box. 

The Short Dividers are a brand new option with the DreamBox 2. They offer more vertical space for storing a larger machine or a computer screen in your Center Box. A Machine Shelf can also be added, giving you the ability to store both a cutting and sewing machine above your table (see 3rd image below)! 

With both divider options, you can choose either the half set (43) or the full set (72) of InView Totes. 

Q: Is it worth the money? 

A: We stand behind the quality and value of our product and believe it is an invaluable investment in yourself and your creativity! The DreamBox has brought joy to thousands of creators around the world, helping them get organized and rediscover crafting joy. Hear from a few of them below: 

"I’ve always wanted a DreamBox and now that it’s finally here, I’m even more in love with it than I could have imagined! To be able to say all my craft supplies are completely organized and accessible is a first in my life!! This box is incredibly sturdy and versatile. You absolutely won’t regret getting this!" - Felicia C. 

"I have want the DreamBox for years. Finally jumped in and made the purchase. Not one single regret. It is built so well. Great construction. We had a few questions and customer support was great. Highly recommend the purchase. Well worth the money." - Sharon E. 

Hear more DreamBox 2 reviews in the videos below! 

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