Introducing: The Complete Guide to Your DreamBox Organization

Introducing: The Complete Guide to Your DreamBox Organization

So you’ve got your DreamBox, or maybe you’re waiting for yours to arrive. You’re likely facing the dilemma of what to do first. What style should you give it? What should you fill up your new DiviDrawers or InView™ Totes with? And where are you supposed to store all your favorite notions, fabrics, and beads? It’s really a lot to think about!

We’ve set out to guide you through this first stage of your DreamBox organization with several helpful tips and tricks. Regardless of where you would like to begin, this post is designed to help you find what you need all in one place! If you’re still wondering how you’ll add to your set up, we have a couple recommendations for you here.


Reviewing Your Crafting Supplies

If your biggest concern is whether or not the DreamBox will have enough room for your supplies, take a look at our blog post below for a more detailed guide as to what’s included with your DreamBox purchase! (Trust us when we say, there really is a place for everything)

What Comes Inside Your DreamBox?

To see firsthand how other creators have found a space for their supplies, go watch Kylee’s and Amy’s DreamBox tours below:



Planning Your DreamBox Layout

If you need something more concrete to refer to before you set up your DreamBox, you can jump right into the fun part: designing your layout! Need some inspiration for decorating your InView Totes or DiviDrawers? Here’s a blog post filled with our favorite looks from various creators and crafters: Design Your DreamBox with 4 Inspiring Examples


Having a visual reference can help you plan out your layout and explore which options best reflect your creative personality. To learn more about what sort of layout will best express you, check out our blog on discovering your craft room personality.

If you’d like to design your own layout using our DreamBox planogram, you can download our PDF templates below:


Full DreamBox Layout


Empty DreamBox Layout


Decorating Your DreamBox

Now that your layout is planned, you can finally personalize the look of your DreamBox! You’ve likely noticed how some of our creators have decorated the front of their InView Totes with colorful cardstock cutouts, also called “tote covers”. These are paper inserts that can added to the inside of your clear totes. If you’re wondering how you can do the same, don’t worry, it’s super simple to DIY these at home!

To learn how you can make tote covers with cardstock yourself, go check out our post here: three steps to DIY tote decor. (For crafters who own a Cricut cutting machine, click below to download the free SGV files for your tote covers) 

Downloadable InView™ Tote Cover Templates:

For those who selected the DiviDrawers with their DreamBox setup, we recommend you use these specific dimensions below to create your personalized covers: 

X-Large DiviDrawers
Exterior Dimensions: 6.7" H x 13" D x 13.2" W
Interior Dimensions:  6.08" H x 12.25" W

Large DiviDrawers
Exterior Dimensions: 3.4" H x 13" D x 13.2" W
Interior Dimensions: 2.72" H x 12.25" W

Medium DiviDrawers
Exterior Dimensions: 5.5" H x 13.2" D x 6.3" W
Interior Dimensions: 4.78" H x 5.625" W

Small DiviDrawers
Exterior Dimensions: 3.2" H x 13.6" D x 2.6" W
Interior Dimensions: 2.668" H x 1.842" W

If you’re hoping to label the outside of your totes, but you’re worried about how it will look, there’s no need to stress. Plenty of creators have added vinyl lettering to their totes for a more aesthetic and creative look. Whether you want your totes to remain clear so you can easily see them, or you want to add tote covers, the vinyl labels will give a nice touch to your DreamBox that enable you to keep everything organized and easily in sight.

Check out our labels blog here or watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to make your own!


Getting Organized

Setting up your DreamBox is the biggest step of all! Whether you are the kind of person who needs to carefully plan out your organized space, or you prefer to tackle the mess head-on, a little extra help never hurt anybody. We’ve got a few tips on how you can effectively organize your DreamBox in our blog: 5 Craft Supply Organizing Mistakes to Stop Making

By this point, if you’ve already planned out your DreamBox, decorated it, and organized it, then… what are you waiting for? Go get crafting! We’d love to see what you create first, so make sure to use #borntocreate on Instagram with your first DreamBox creation.


Already finished with your DreamBox setup?

Share your finished look with us by tagging us @createroomco!



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